High Vibrations Digital E-Book

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High Vibration Foods List by Chef Whitney Aronoff

This is your introduction to high vibration foods, low vibration foods and the energy our food holds. Learn how to choose your high vibration foods & upgrade the energy of your meal anytime, anywhere.

Every step of food preparation and consumption creates an energetic blueprint determined by the cooks purity and intent. Each of those steps should be closely considered in the finite creation of high vibrational foods. Now is the moment to a learn these techniques that will lead to a more vibrant wellbeing.

In this e-book and you will find:

  • A full high vibration foods list
  • A full low vibration foods list
  • A guide to understanding a high vibration diet and lifestyle
  • Insight on how food affects your energy
  • The energetic properties of food
  • How to feel the vibration of food
  • Practical steps to shift your energy and that of the food anytime, anywhere
  • How to prepare food thoughtfully and with mindfulness to create optimal health