Hi, I’m Chef Whitney Aronoff


I am the Founder of Starseed Kitchen and High Vibration Foods. As a Holistic Personal Chef, I know it takes more than just a whole foods diet to live a healthy and balanced life. You need eat real food to build your foundation. But you have to support the 4-bodies for a healthy, balanced life. The 4-bodies are the physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies. I’m here to help you build that foundation so you feel great in your physical body.
Through my podcast, High Vibration Living With Chef Whitney Aronoff, I’ll guide you to the people and modalities that can support the other layers of you. Navigating our current food systems can feel complicated and overwhelming. I’m here to guide you in finding the foods that make you feel good. READ MORE! I received my Bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University. Then completed culinary school at The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. I honed my skills at farm-to-table restaurants in New York and Newport Beach, California. Working at The Fat Radish and Babette’s. I served as the resident chef at Pirch Costa Mesa, teaching private and group cooking classes on the best kitchen equipment in the world.  Other opportunities have been cooking for large and small dinner parties, catering weddings, and preparing food for meal delivery companies.
My focus now is my work as a Personal Chef, feeding and nourishing others but, my true passion is teaching you how to nourish yourself. Only you know what is best for your body. My goal is to help you tap into your intuition and learn the basic culinary skills to feed yourself healthy, traditional whole foods to help you thrive. Learn about High Vibration Living on my podcast, High Vibration Living With Chef Whitney Aronoff. Tune in on Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google and YouTube. Get the healthy, seasonal recipes I use as a Personal Chef on Starseed Kitchen. Cook with me, travel with me and learn with me on my YouTube channel Chef Whitney Aronoff